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The company forms part of an industrial group which includes, among other firms, Industrie Generali Tosco Marmi spa; this group constitutes a holding company which can guarantee the highest quality at every stage of the stoneworking process, from quarrying to finishing.
Graniti S. Rocco s.r.l. began quarrying and sawing Serizzo in May 2000. Antigorio Serizzo reserves have a quarrying potential of around 3,000,000 cubic metres; the stone is quarried with a continuity which enables us to satisfy the demand not only for blocks, but also for slabs, while guaranteeing both the quality of the stone and continuity of supply.
Two years after setting up two granite gang-saws made by Gaspari & Menotti, a leading firm in the stonecutting sector, the sawing plant-workshop of Graniti S. Rocco s.r.l. has consolidated its place in the market for Serizzo slabs, and has gained a reputation for the quality of its workmanship and its fast delivery times. The increasing production of the sawing plant has stimulated the production of the workshop, which uses a Breton honer/polisher, modified in 2002 to increase its productive capacity, i.e. square metres honed/polished per hour.

Slab finishes available are polishing, honing (60-120-220) and brushing. Our clientele is based primarily in Piedmont and Lombardy, and includes large retailers as well as smaller marble craft workshops.

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